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Specialist Lawyer

Yao Yan ,UK Immigration licensed immigration lawyer

Yao has worked as a full-time immigration lawyer in several UK well-known law firms. Yao also serves as a part-time distinguished legal adviser in the legal column of the British largest Chinese-language newspaper. As a signed immigration consultant in the veteran British bank, she often attends meetings hosted by Migration Watch Committee, thereby to learn the latest immigration policy reorientations and trends. Further to propose favorable recommendations for investment immigration clients. The immigration authorities will refer to those proposed information to change relative policy.

Since the start of work, Ms Yan has processed a large number of immigration cases, success is countless, especially in the investment immigration cases, in the category of 2 million pounds investment immigration, 200 thousand pounds entrepreneurs immigration, overseas exceptional talent, spouse visa and student visa. Thus, she has unique perspective on how to use immigration policy to help customers save legitimate investment costs, along with avoid potential risks. She has witnessed and experienced several major reforms of the immigration policy, so she is able to forecast immigration policy trends and future developments as a proof of ability to supervise and track customers’ visa in a few years after they successfully get a visa for the first time.


Francis Mercer-Woode ,Immigration lawyer at Vision Legal Services division of Vision International Investment Ltd

Francis is legally trained and has actively been working in the immigration sector for over 12 years. He specializes in employment and business applications under Tier 1-5 point based systems, administrative reviews, cases outside the immigration rules, human rights cases, etc. Francis is registered at the highest level with the Office of Immigration Service Commissioner and a member of the ILPA (Immigration Law Practitioners Association). He has joined Vision International Investment Ltd in 2016 and occupied as Immigration Department Manager.

Francis continues to be keen and passionate about helping to champion the causes of clients’ immigration problems. He is committed to achieving the best results for clients and to help them overcome immigration hurdles to the UK.

Professional Mentors


Mansoor Hussain ,Senior Manager - HNW & Professionals at Lloyds Banking Group

Manage an extensive global network of Immigration, Tax, and Financial Institutions particularly in the Far East, Middle-East dealing with HNW Private Clients.

Area of expertise is managing relationship with HNW Clients and Institutions with a UK Investment focus and provide strategic insight for a number of companies that work within this sector and have been part of a number of "think tanks" along with a panel of global institutions.


Stephen Lindsay ,Head of Business Development -- Multi Agencies

An international financial background working in London, Paris, Singapore, and Hong Kong originally in equity derivatives.

Later, in London he established and exited a currency brokerage. He helped found a share matching service for SMEs, and he helps raise funds for start-ups and mentors them on their journey.

He is currently most closely involved with a mobile games SaaS business and an exciting British tea company.

Team Members

JIANHONG GU     Director, Gu is from Jingjiang, Jiangsu. He has conducted industrial investment in the fields of culture, education, engineering and construction, hotel management and trade since 1997. Gu invested in the Charlie Chan restaurant and started bluesky co. in 2013. In 2015, Gu joined the Vision Legal Services Ltd. He is in charge of strategic planning and decision-making.

FUNAI XING     Director, Funai Xing is from Wenchang, Hainan. He received Master degree of physics from the University of Bristol in 2002. During his study he participated the design and construction of large hadron collider compact muon solenoid (CMS) at British Academy Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. Xing continued his PHD in particle physics phenomenology at Oxford University, focusing to research antimatter and asymmetric baryon of physics beyond the standard model. He participated in the design of large hadron collider beauty (LHCB), Monte Carlo Algorithm and big data analysis at the Swiss European Organization for Nuclear Research in 2008. Xing joined as a director at Vision Legal Services in 2015, and he is responsible for the fund and technical management.

WEIDONG QIU     Chinese Market Manager, Qiu is from Jiangsu, born in 1981. He graduated from the Art Department of Suzhou University in 2003 and worked in China Electronics Engineering Design Institute for 2 years. Qiu independently founded Suzhou Garnett Decoration in 2005 and established Jiangsu Impression California home sales company in 2010. He became the shareholder of Hong Kong St. Fulin Group Co. Limited in 2013 and operated "along the road" Pakistan commercial project. In the same year he served as the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce of Suzhou Decorative and general manager of the project cooperated with Redstar company. Then Qiu founded Suzhou Lingdu Brand Management Company in 2014, and by the end of 2015 he join Vision Legal Services Ltd.

Zhenxi Piao     Investment Advisor, Zhenxi Piao owned bachelor of Art History honors and master of international business and development from the University of London. She is very active in the Chinese business circle in the UK, and she has served as the financial director of 48 Women 'Icebreakers' Groups from 2011 to 2012. Piao has formed a strong alliance with many financial services and legal services during the 10-year professional working experience. So she is not just a financial adviser or an analyst, but the right professional person who has extensive knowledge of the UK business market that Asian clients looking for investment opportunities in the UK are able to approach.

SHENGYAO GU     UK Education Services, Shengyao Gu, originally from Shanghai China, graduated from University of Leeds, one of the reowned UK 'Red Brick University', majored in Economics & Finance and honoured first class, after that, Shengyao Progress to University College London (G5 Top University). He established an entrepreneur society called CYLeeds in Leeds Business School, engaged in and launched various business events to practice entrepreneurial skill, he was invited as a guest of Leeds Alumni Journals, constantly sharing learning and job hunting experience to university students.


➢   Company

Vision Legal Services is registered at highest level with the OISC to provide UK immigration advice and Visa application services. We are based closed to central London and 10 minutes’ walk from Canada Water, Bermondsey underground and Rotherhithe Overground stations.

Our immigration advisers are experts and legally trained and have several years’ of professional experience in dealing with basic to complex immigration related applications.

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed services. We ensure that there are no stones unturned to achieve the best possible results and solutions for our clients’ immigration matter.
Our immigration and advice services include the following:

 Visas for high net worth individuals coming to the UK as Tier 1 Entrepreneurs & Investors Migrants,
 Employment visas for Tier 2 & 5 Migrants and Sole Representative of Overseas Companies.
 Family Route applications for Dependants Children and Partners
 Application for indefinite leave to remain, Naturalization & Registration to become British citizen
 Tier 4 General Students, EEA National, Sponsorship licence applications, Compliance & Enforcement
 Appeals, Administration Reviews, Reconsiderations against Home Office refusals
 Human Rights & discretionary leave applications, Bail & Appeal against detention, removals, deportation

We are waiting to help you!

If you are interested in our services please call 02073949594 or send us an email at We provide our client with FREE initial advice and consultation services

Our strength is UK visa service, our company is authorized by Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). Professional qualifications and sufficient resources enable us to help you solve your visa problems confidently.

Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner


➢   Scope of Work
• Matching suitable investors/partners for UK companies
• Project promotion & Marketing in China
• Visa application & Project supervision/monitor

➢   Market Capacity and Trend

In 2013, there are 187 Chinese applicants who were granted Tier 1 Investor visas to the UK which is the highest among all other countries. Meanwhile, there were 870 Chinese applied for Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa, 255 were granted and 610 were rejected.
• In 2014, the above number was doubled .
• According to our professional observation, the market is going to perform upwards in a considerable speed for the next 3-5 years without major changes of the immigration criteria.

➢   Changes in Clients’ Intension


➢   Sales Estimation

At the moment we have been cooperating with agencies located in
• Shanghai (around 100)
• Beijing (57)
• Guangzhou & Shenzhen (32)
• Others (103)
Based on our data and experience, we are confident that for the next 12 months we shall be able to achieve at least 30
clients who are interested ininvesting in local companies with total investment amount over £6 million

➢   Target Audience

Our Target Audience are:
High-Net-Worth Chinese Investors:
• Minimum £2 million Tier 1 investor applicants or those who have already made an application and invested in Government bonds or other equity.
• TA feature: Age between 20-50, married and have dependent(s)
Chinese Entrepreneur:
• Minimum£200,000 Tier 1 Entrepreneur applicants or those who are searching for appropriate investment projects with their visa granted.
• TA feature: Age between 22-45, married and have dependent(s)
Chinese Students:
• Completed their academic study in the UK and are willing to continue their career/ further development within the country.
• TA feature: Age between 22-32, single, has sufficient financial support from the family to set up their own business or would like to expand their own family business by searching for promising overseas investment projects.


Our Team

Company Qulifications
Registeration Information
Compant Name in full: Vision Legal Services LTD
Company Type: Private limited by shares
Situation of Registered: England and Wales
Proposed Register Office Address: 28 QUEEN STREET, LONDON. UNITED KINGDOM. EC4R 1BB
Company Number: 07691232
Appointment Information
Date of Appointment: 01/04/2013
Country/State Usually Resident: ENGLAND
Occupation: Company Director

Company Insurance
Policy: HU PI6 9319014(4)
Period of Insurance: Continuous cover from 18 March 2016 until the policy is cancelled
Insurer: Hiscox Insurance Company Limited
Professional Indemnity  
Limit of Indemnity: £ 250,000
Period of Insurance: £ 250.00
Public and Productes Liability
Limit of Indemnity: £ 5,000,000
Period of Insurance: £ 250.00
Crisis Containment  
Limit of Indemnity: £ 25,000

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