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Professional Mentors

Mansoor Hussain ,Senior Manager - HNW & Professionals at Lloyds Banking Group

Manage an extensive global network of Immigration, Tax, and Financial Institutions particularly in the Far East, Middle-East dealing with HNW Private Clients.

Area of expertise is managing relationship with HNW Clients and Institutions with a UK Investment focus and provide strategic insight for a number of companies that work within this sector and have been part of a number of "think tanks" along with a panel of global institutions.

Stephen Lindsay ,Head of Business Development -- Multi Agencies

An international financial background working in London, Paris, Singapore, and Hong Kong originally in equity derivatives.

Later, in London he established and exited a currency brokerage. He helped found a share matching service for SMEs, and he helps raise funds for start-ups and mentors them on their journey.

He is currently most closely involved with a mobile games SaaS business and an exciting British tea company.

Funai Xing ,Director and CEO -- Cambridge Culture Exchange Ltd.

Funai Xing is from Wenchang, Hainan. Xing finished his PHD in particle physics phenomenology at Oxford University, focusing to research antimatter and asymmetric baryon of physics beyond the standard model. He participated in the design of large hadron collider beauty (LHCB), Monte Carlo Algorithm and big data analysis at the Swiss European Organization for Nuclear Research in 2008.

Francis Mercer-Woode ,Professional Lawyer

Francis is legally trained and has actively been working in the immigration sector for over 12 years. He specializes in employment and business applications under Tier 1-5 point based systems, administrative reviews, cases outside the immigration rules, human rights cases, etc. Francis is registered at the highest level with the Office of Immigration Service Commissioner and a member of the ILPA (Immigration Law Practitioners Association).

Finding an Internship


  • supernumerary internship for a maximum of one year
  • A skilled position with a clear training plan
  • For a minimum 25 hours a week
  • Compliant with UK National Minimum Wage legislation
  • Should help you build relevant skills and overseas experience
  • With an employer that is a UK registered company, a UK registered charity or registered with a UK government department.
  • With an employer that has a full-time staff : intern ratio of at least


  • A placement that you’ve organized yourself
  • Arranged by your university as part of your course requirements
  • Sourced via a placement agency
  • A paid or unpaid internship

Vision Legal Services can only offer sponsorship for up to one year if you are undertaking a voluntary internship. If you are unsure if your internship qualifies please contact Vision Legal Services or ask the employer to contact us for more information before you apply.


Vision Legal Services will not sponsor anyone who wants to do an internship within the following sectors:

  • Hospitality sector (establishments providing meals, light refreshments, drink or accommodation)
  • Healthcare sector (establishments that specialize in services related to health and medical care, such as nursing, pharmacy  or care homes)


Vision Internship Program


➢   Why Participate


Vision’s Internship program, gives participants a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience British life and culture from the inside for up to one year.
We are a Government Authorized Exchange and an A-rated sponsor authorized by the UK Border Agency to issue a Certificate of Sponsorship to successful applicants. We accepts applications all year round from full-time students or recent graduates of any nationality outside the EEA.

Why Intern in Britain with Vision?

  1. Spend up to one year interning anywhere in the beautiful, historic UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland)
  2. Book online and receive full support from VISION ensuring your internship meets the visa requirements and that you'll have a successful internship experience.
  3. Receive a Certificate of Sponsorship, granting you access to apply for the required work visa.
  4. Set yourself apart from the crowd by adding international sparkle to your Resume, learning transferable skills and showing confidence and independence.

➢   What's Included?

What does this program provide?

  • The opportunity to take an internship anywhere in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland) for up to one year.
  • Certificate of sponsorship authorized by the UK Government, required to apply for your visa
  • Help and advice from VISION both pre-departure and during your internship
  • Monthly monitoring of your internship to ensure that it is meeting your goals
  • 24/7 support including an emergency hotline
  • Online orientation to fully prepare you for life in Britain
  • Assistance setting up a UK bank account and National Insurance Number (tax number)
  • Full assistance with the visa process, including step-by-step instructions
  • Optional priority service to expedite visa processing, working directly with a visa agent
  • Assistance in booking your flight, insurance, tours and day trips in the UK and Europe
  • This can give you a one-off opportunity to boost your resume and secure that step up in your career at a credible internship anywhere in the UK.

➢   How to Apply

Six Steps to Intern in Britain!

1.    Contact us and ask for the APPLICATION FORM. Full in the APPLICATION FORM then send it back to us.
2.    We will help you find your UK internship based on your background.
3.    Send us the following documents after choosing your internship program:

  • Proof of Student Status i.e. copy of your official transcript
  • Copy of your valid passport information page
  • Recent bank statement showing proof of sufficient funds
  • Employer Application and Agreement to be completed by your employer via the online form you will send through your member account
  • Proof of insurance or Vision's policy. Coverage of least $500,000, including repatriation of remains
  • A copy of your relevant visa if applying outside of your country of citizenship
  • A reference from or letter of recommendation from a previous employer or a professor
  • Current resume or CV .

4.    Internship screening

Vision will interview your supervisor and review the training plan to ensure that the internship meets the visa requirements. It must be complex and provide you with sufficient supervision. This step of the process can take up to 10 business days. If you require a pre-site visit to the internship company this could add an additional week.
*If this applies to your internship then you must allow an additional week for your application to be processed and charges may apply.

5.    Receive your Certificate of Sponsorship

Once we have approved your internship we will issue your Certificate of Sponsorship. This is unique to your internship and passport and is required to start the Tier 5 visa process, which we will provide you with step-by-step instructions for! Make sure you have watched your pre-departure orientation first!

6.     We will help you apply your Visa

Use our instructions and dedicated team to complete your online visa application with the UKVI. Once complete schedule your biometrics appointment at the facility nearest you to enroll your fingerprints.
Once you have completed your biometrics send your application to the UK Consulate where your visa will be issued and sent back to you. This can take anywhere between 1-8 weeks depending on what service you use.

➢   Book now

Please contact us.


➢   Why Participate

Offer an internship within your organisation and get access to the current top students in science, engineering and technology sectors from over 1000 universities.
VISION students are skilled, ambitious and enthusiastic, with knowledge of the latest academic learning and innovative thinking relevant to your line of work. 
You only need to pay the student’s salary, the VISION team take care of the rest.

➢   How to Apply

The VISION programme is designed to be as straightforward as possible for employers.
To offer a traineeship please complete the online traineeship form - available now. You will need to complete information on:

  • subject field
  • specialisation 
  • level of study 
  • IT capabilities 
  • language ability 
  • previous practical experience 
  • nationality 
  • salary

➢   Book Now

Please contact us.

Career planning and job hunting

Does it seem like everyone around you knows exactly what they want to do with their life?
The myth that all VISION's students (apart from you) are on the pathway to their dream job isn't true. As for the other myth that VISION Careers can only help those who know what they want to do - we wouldn't be writing this if that was the case.

You may never have had a 'career plan' because you chose to study a course based on academic interest, or you might have just been enjoying your time at university, leaving planning until after you finish your course. The important thing is that you are now thinking about your career and reading this section of our website. You should also try to stop worrying - that in itself can prevent you from moving forward successfully.

This section has a range of tools to help you start taking the first steps in the decision making process whilst offering practical advice about how to do this in an effective manner. Good luck and enjoy the journey!

➢   Understanding yourself

It's unlikely you will find a job that meets all of your criteria immediately after graduation. Inevitably, you will need to make compromises. However, once you have a clearer idea about your abilities, interests and motivations it will then be much easier to identify which direction you want to move in and where to target your job search.
Self assessment is useful also in helping you identify skills and attributes to highlight in your CV or when talking to companies.

The approach you take or the tool that you use is very much a matter of individual preference. However, you do need to look at all the different pieces of the complex jigsaw that is you.

Skills & abilities
What do you enjoy doing? Are there things you do particularly well? Look at all the different facets of your life – your degree, work experience and extra-curricular or voluntary activities. Think about specific skills such as languages as well as personal attributes and skills such as leadership, project management and creativity. Ask friends and family what they think too.

Are you naturally drawn towards or motivated by particular activities, interests or topics? Can this be incorporated into a career?

What expertise have you gained through your education or employment? Is there specific knowledge you'd like to use? Think about any particular modules studied or understanding gained that you would like to apply in a career.

Motivations & values
There are a number of inner factors which strongly influence what we need from our working life. Some people are motivated by financial rewards and status, others by intellectual stimulation or sense of purpose (like being able to help others).
What is important to you? What do you value? Remember to consider the bigger picture. If, for example, you are motivated by reward and status be realistic and consider how you can work your way up to promotion rather than just chasing elusive roles.

Think about your approach to life, to working with other people, to taking in information and towards individual tasks. For example, do you prefer detail or are you more motivated by the big picture? Think about what comes naturally to you as this will give you an idea of your strengths (and also areas you may need to work on).

When have you been motivated to succeed? What have been your main achievements in both your personal and professional life? What do these say about you as a person? If you are thinking 'But I don't have any' take a step back and ask friends, family, and other close contacts. Everybody has achievements but it can sometimes be easy to forget or undervalue them particularly when placed under the pressure of selling them in a job application.

Personal preferences
Our previous experiences, personality and preferences all exert an influence on the type of work environment we are looking for. Think about the emphasis given to the team or individual, the level of formality and the focus placed on rules and procedures for example. What type of organisational culture is a good fit for you?

External factors
Are there any external factors or constraints influencing where you can work or the type of work you can do? There may be factors outside of your control such as the economy or changes to visa regulations or personal constraints.
Consider these carefully and determine the influence they exert on your decision making.

➢   Career Research

The section on understanding yourself helps you define your criteria for selecting jobs. Careers research is about finding out what industry sectors and jobs might match those criteria. When exploring opportunities, it is important to keep an open mind at first. You can decide whether your ideas are realistic opportunities at a later stage in the career planning process. Keeping an open mind may uncover a job you've never considered or even heard of before.

Desk research

1)Employment sectors - begin investigating industries and job roles in sectors where LSE students often start their careers.
2)Graduate Destinations
3)Prospects - browse the extensive, 'Types of Jobs' section.
4)Options with your subject - find out about the career paths of recent UK graduates in your degree subject.
5)Browse career sections and careers case studies on the websites of professional bodies representing sectors that interest you. You can find some professional bodies bookmarked in our Delicious account which you can filter by sector or try
6)Read job advertisements on vacancy boards and in newspapers and journals. Which attract you? Look at senior jobs, not just the entry level posts. If you find a job you aspire to do, look at the experience it requires and research how you might gain it.
7)You can carry out a similar exercise on LinkedIn. Look at the previous positions people have worked in to get to their current role.
8)10 Minutes With - watch video interviews with top senior executives - try also icould and Careerplayer
9)Read job profiles on
10)Research the UK job market for different careers by region using the National Careers Service website.

Active research

1)Ask friends and family questions about their work. These might include: 'What do you do in your work most of the time?,' 'What do you most enjoy about your job?', 'What parts of your work are the most challenging?'
2)Ask for "information interviews" with people doing jobs that interest you. A personal introduction isn't essential - in the UK this kind of initiative is the norm in some sectors such as media and charities. Download information interviews (pdf) for a list of suggested questions.
3)Attend LSE careers events where you can learn about careers in particular sectors, including events run or attended by employers.
4)Try and arrange some work experience or volunteering - see Work experience and internships.
5)Book a careers discussion with one of our careers consultants. They can discuss your ideas with you, give you advice/support and help you structure your career research.

➢   Choosing a career

Taking control of your career involves making a series of choices: what to study, which types of jobs to research, which organisations to apply to, when to give up Plan A and go for Plan B, which offer to accept etc.

How do you define a good career choice?

Good choices depend on your goals, i.e , what you are looking for in a career. Try to define what you want from your career for the next five years or so after your LSE degree. Knowing your goals will help you form a basis for the decisions you make.

What process should you adopt to make good career decisions?

Again, the answer will depend on you and your preferred decision-making style. But if you feel you have made bad decisions in the past then finding out about other decision-making styles may help you to strengthen your own.
     Listed below are a series of tools and techniques that can help with decision making. They can help you rank options, manage the timing of choices, and identify what kind of information you need to tip the decision:
     1) Decision Making Techniques from Mind Tools
     2) Do you have a decision style? - a blog post by David Winter
     If you are faced with a difficult choice, consider booking a careers discussion with one of our careers consultants. They can't make the decision for you, but they can help you to clarify the elements of your choice and understand what makes it difficult for you to decide, and help you to explore options in detail, and maybe uncover new ones.

Some truths about career decisions:

1)You will never have perfect information about all the options. Gathering relevant factual information makes sense, but at some point, you have to stop analyzing and choose.
"When you come to a fork in the road, take it!" (Yogi Berra)
     2)Your emotions and intuition also give you important data about alternatives and are worth paying attention to.
"I believe in intuition and inspiration…at times I feel certain I am right while not knowing the reason." (Albert Einstein)
     3)If you find closing off options particularly difficult and are prone to feelings of regret ( "if only..."). Consider that you can never know exactly what might have been the outcome of choosing a route you decide not to take.
"There is no means of testing which decision is better, because there is no basis for comparison. We live everything as it comes, without warning, like an actor going on cold." (Milan Kundera "The Unbearable Lightness of Being")
     4)Luck, or chance plays a big role in every career. But people who seem lucky are often, on closer inspection, those who make the most of what comes their way and make the best of any decision they take.
"Luck is preparation meeting opportunity" (Oprah Winfrey)

➢   Achieving your career

After thinking about yourself, doing some research into different jobs and careers and choosing which career areas fit your preferences and values it is time to start taking action. This page is designed to help you to start defining a plan of action by setting some manageable goals.

Planning for action

At it's most basic level 'action planning' can be viewed as
     1)Identifying a goal
     2)Setting a time frame for achieving the goal
     3)Identifying what resources are needed to help achieve the goal e.g. attending an event, working on a CV, setting up a LinkedIn profile.
     Use what you know about yourself to help inform your career action plan. Booking a careers discussion with one of our careers consultants can help too.

Planned happenstance
     Some people can feel demotivated by structure and long term goals. Planned happenstance is a career model which focuses on being aware and prepared to make the most of opportunities as they arise rather than sticking to plans.

What are your goals?

Not all 'goals' are equal. You can decide to set yourself a big, life-changing goal e.g. 'move to a different country' or 'pursue a PhD'. Alternatively, you can choose a smaller goal e.g. 'to start volunteering'. In reality life can sometimes be more complicated than the straightforward a+b=c approach of some goal setting models. It can be really useful to think about what you've learnt in the self-assessment and career research elements of our career planning model and come up one key goal and some small 'stepping stone' goals to help you along the way.

Key goal
"I'd like to work for charity"

Stepping stone goals
"I need to find out more about what jobs are available in the charity sector"
"I'd like get some voluntary experience working in a charity"
"I need to update my CV"
     Identifying the smaller goals will help make the whole process feel more manageable, particularly when you are managing your studies alongside planning your career.

     If you want to know more about goal setting theory take a look at the links below.
     1) Mind tools has a really useful section about goal setting , with links to examples and practical exercises.
     2) Windmills is a career planning tool with useful exercises to help you define your goals, and manage the process. Top

Careers Information
Newest Job Information

Job Information

St. Pancras Way, London

Work experience/internship
Type of Business: Fashion
Brief introduction: Designer Label Design, Wholesale and Retail of Men's, Women's and Children's Fashion Wear.
Closing deadline: Open/ongoing | Salary: Within National / Living Wage guidelines

Arnold, Nottingham

Work experience/internship
Type of Business: General Trading
Brief introduction: Buy UK products and export to Iraq and middle east countries. Provide custom support at Iraqi borders. Main products includes: Medical, Laboratory, Cloth, Cosmetics, Food and electronic products.
Closing deadline: Open/ongoing | Salary: Within National / Living Wage guidelines

Hayes, Middlesex

Work experience/internship
Type of Business: Fashion Trading
Brief introduction: The company deals in importing ladies gents and kids clothing from China, India, Bangladesh and Turkey. "Wholesale and retail".
Closing deadline: Open/ongoing | Salary: Within National / Living Wage guidelines

North End Road, London

Work experience/internship
Type of Business: Electrical Wholesaler
Brief introduction: Lighting and Electrical Wholesaler - stock a wide range of electrical goods: LED lighting, ventilation, heating, air conditioning, wiring accessories( switches, sockets).
Closing deadline: Open/ongoing | Salary: Within National / Living Wage guidelines

Pearson Street, London

Work experience/internship
Type of Business: Logistics
Brief introduction: The company offers reliable and competitive rates for sea freight/parcel services to Nigeria. Timson Cargo Services, is able to arrange customs clearance and make deliveries to every part of Nigeria.
Closing deadline: Open/ongoing | Salary: Within National / Living Wage guidelines

East Malling, Kent

Work experience/internship
Type of Business: Wholesale of fruit and vegetable juices
Brief introduction: Develop innovative products and offer alternative solutions. Investment in Premium Freshly Squeezed Slightly Pasteurized Juice market through innovative companies under our Blends affiliates. We assembly the virtues of industrial scientists in applied research with the experience of industry experts.
Closing deadline: Open/ongoing | Salary: Within National / Living Wage guidelines

Hainault, Essex

Work experience/internship
Type of Business: Trading
Brief introduction: Established in 1977, The company has grown every year by providing a professional excellent export service to Hospitals and M.O.H’s and has become a one-stop purchasing base for them. It provides all pharmaceutical requirements together with associated medical items, spare parts for equipment and maintenance items, lab items and any ‘hospital’ items.
Closing deadline: Open/ongoing | Salary: Within National / Living Wage guidelines

York Road, London

Work experience/internship
Type of Business: Fashion
Brief introduction: The eponymous label from British born designer, the company made its debut in 2008 at London fashion week. It's unique architectural - elegant aesthetic and strong, sculptural design both flatter and celebrate the woman's body, qualites which have established the designer as one of London's most exciting talents.
Closing deadline: Open/ongoing | Salary: Within National / Living Wage guidelines

Croydon, Surrey

Work experience/internship
Type of Business: E-commerce
Brief introduction: It operates an international chain of membership warehouses, that carry quality, brand name merchandise at substantially lower prices than are typically found at conventional wholesale or retail outlets. The warehouses are designed to help small-to-medium-sized businesses reduce costs in purchasing for resale and for everyday business use. Individual Members may also purchase for their personal needs.
Closing deadline: Open/ongoing | Salary: Within National / Living Wage guidelines

Shakespeare Road, London

Work experience/internship
Type of Business: Technology Consultancy
Brief introduction: We are engaged in numerous fields of consultancy, and have developed a broad customer base within and outside of the space industry. So far, 33 satellites including 3 CubeSats have been inserted by 17 launches arranged by CST.
Closing deadline: Open/ongoing | Salary: Within National / Living Wage guidelines

Hatton Garden, London

Work experience/internship
Type of Business: Wholesale Jewellers
Brief introduction: We are suppliers, importers, manufacturers and dropshippers also. We have our own manufacturing facilities and are proud to be one of the few manufacturers of jewellery that still operate a significant production line within the UK.
Closing deadline: Open/ongoing | Salary: Within National / Living Wage guidelines

Clare Street, London

Work experience/internship
Type of Business: Wholesale of soluble coffee
Brief introduction: The company distributes soluble coffee to the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia. The company was incorporated in 1985 and is based in London, United Kingdom. It operates as a subsidiary of Cia. Iguaçu de Café Solúvel.
Closing deadline: Open/ongoing | Salary: Within National / Living Wage guidelines

Norwich, Norfolk

Work experience/internship
Type of Business: International wholesalers of food
Brief introduction: The Directors at the company comes with over 75 years combined experience in the poultry, meat and game industry. Their varied and versatile history complement each other to give a broad ranging outlook that is a key strength of this business.
Closing deadline: Open/ongoing | Salary: Within National / Living Wage guidelines

Horley, Surrey

Work experience/internship
Type of Business: Pharmaceutical Distributor
Brief introduction: The company specialises in the procurement, storage and distribution of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. It works with a number of UK manufacturers, providing storage and distribution services also supplying to full line wholesalers and direct to market covering pharmacies and dental surgeries.
Closing deadline: Open/ongoing | Salary: Within National / Living Wage guidelines

Norwich, Norfolk

Work experience/internship
Type of Business: International wholesalers of food
Brief introduction: The Directors at the company comes with over 75 years combined experience in the poultry, meat and game industry. Their varied and versatile history complement each other to give a broad ranging outlook that is a key strength of this business.
Closing deadline: Open/ongoing | Salary: Within National / Living Wage guidelines

Horseferry Road, London

Work experience/internship
Type of Business: Fashion
Brief introduction: The external environment for the luxury sector has remained challenging and underlying cost inflation pressures persist. In this context, this company has been accelerating its productivity and efficiency agenda, especially looking at its ways of working. It has also been addressing how to optimise future organic revenue growth opportunities and the resulting investment plans.
Closing deadline: Open/ongoing | Salary: Within National / Living Wage guidelines

Alton, Hampshire

Work experience/internship
Type of Business: Supplier/Wholesaler of Oils, Flavour & Fragrance Materials
Brief introduction: The Company works in partnership with customers on the one hand, and growers, farmers and distillers on the other. Both users and producers can then focus on exactly what they do best, while skilled Augustus technicians closely monitor and control the delivered product. This ensures users can have the confidence that they will receive the best raw materials suited to their requirements.
Closing deadline: Open/ongoing | Salary: Within National / Living Wage guidelines

Burlington Arcade, London

Work experience/internship
Type of Business: Jewellers & Silversmiths
Brief introduction: The company’s story began over 150 years ago. Its first home was the corner of Bruton and Bond Street and the fledging firm soon acquired a magnificent reputation, becoming a leading centre for the purchase of fine jewels and silver.
Closing deadline: Open/ongoing | Salary: Within National / Living Wage guidelines

Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

Work experience/internship
Type of Business: Environmental Protection
Brief introduction: An Innovative Brand of 'Bladeless' Kitchen Food Waste Disposer, which grinds and liquifies the waste, using minimal water and electricity.
Closing deadline: Open/ongoing | Salary: Within National / Living Wage guidelines

Note: * More information please contace us.(Yao: +44 (0) 7888 729208 ; Wechat:   yanyao821 ;Email: